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70 million searches for parts and service occur every month on Google. Your dealership might be showing up for the search, but are you winning their business? A sale might start with a search, but that’s not the only thing that brings them in. Service departments are an important source of revenue for dealerships, but turning researchers into service lane visitors can be a challenge.

Summer’s end brings a new set of service needs for your consumers, and increased opportunity for your service lane. There’s no better time to give your marketing strategy a tune up!

Customer Targeting

Service center loyalty is remarkably low– 77% of service shoppers and $88.2 billion can be swayed. While your dealership thrives on new business, it’s also important to focus on your existing customers to earn repeat business.

You spend thousands of dollars making sure your CRM data is accurate and up-to-date. Why not use it to re-engage previous clients? Google’s Customer Match feature makes it possible to use that data to target existing clients by their email addresses. With data like date of last service or type of oil used, you can target previous customers based on scheduled service needs or relevant specials. That same information can also be used to create similar audiences to find new buyers with similar auto-related behaviors to your existing customers.


“Near me” searches are 4x more likely to convert. Is your service center showing up for the search? Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes. If you have a flat tire, what’s the first thing today’s consumer does? Reach for their smartphone. Today’s consumer is constantly connected, and the service centers that show up for the search will win the business.

Not all service center traffic comes from immediate consumer need, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t searching. From a routine oil change to a tire rotation, your CRM data and Customer Match once again come into play when reaching customers with service reminders.

Seasonal Incentives

Are your service specials current? Incentives should be relevant and be reflective of the consumer’s needs at that time. Consider updating your service specials at the start of the new season. Here are two ideas to get you started:

Daylight savings time is coming to an end, meaning many of us will be commuting home in the dark. Foggy, dim, or burnt out headlights will make it difficult to see when traveling in low-light conditions, meaning fall is an optimal time to offer specials on headlight replacement, restoration, and maintenance!

Consumers often head to the service lanes before a summer roadtrip to ensure their cars are safe before they hit the road. But what about afterwards? Many will be hitting the road for holidays, too. Offer specials on tire rotation, balance, and vehicle alignment as consumers cruise from one season to another

Your service center represents a unique opportunity to sway more than 3/4s of shoppers this fall. Crafting a seasonal strategy to drive more searchers to your service center could not only increase your service center traffic, but could also increase your repeat customers. Take advantage of the post-summer months to win researchers business, and create a stream of profitable, loyal service center customers.

Does your service center offer seasonal incentives? Download our infographic for more incentive ideas!


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