Target the right buyer, with the right vehicle, at the right time.

This complete digital advertising solution analyzes our extensive data library to deliver the right ads at the right time to the consumers that are most likely to be buyers. What does this mean for your business? Find out more below.


SmartAdvertising® delivers ads based on search-relevant features, such as trim level, color, and reconditioning.


PureCars leverages the most aggressive bidding strategy through real-time bidding to re-engage past visitors and drive low-funnel traffic back to your site.


By linking a dealer’s live inventory feed with Facebook, we can deliver VIN-level ads directly into Facebook users’ News Feeds.


70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched.

Engage shoppers with engaging pre-roll video on YouTube and across video content through our exclusive ad network.

Tailored for Automotive

SmartAdvertising® is the only ad platform tailored for the automotive industry to help dealers spend smarter and sell more cars.

Industry Leaders

PureCars’ SmartAdvertising® is the automotive industry’s leading digital solution, proven to help dealers drive buyers from their seats to your showrooms.

PureCars’ SmartAdvertising® solution leverages technology and data to identify the best inventory, locations, and shoppers to target.

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