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How to Align Dealership Sales & Marketing

With over half of dealers’ ad spend going toward digital – and over 90% of shoppers starting their journey online – those channels are critical to sales success. A big challenge for dealers is aligning marketing campaigns and ad spend with sales strategy and bottom line results. Part of this stems from a lack of reliable data and unbiased visibility on which channels are contributing the most sales value, and how to make the most of every ad dollar. And it’s easy to understand why. If you can’t clearly communicate which channels or campaigns are working the hardest for sales, it’s an obvious hurdle for aligning strategies.

Strategic alignment is something we help facilitate for our clients through a combination of industry expertise and innovative technology solutions. Based on our 10+ years of experience, here are three things you can do right now to better align your dealership’s marketing and sales strategy.

1. Adopt Multi-Touch Attribution

Gone are the days of first or last click attribution. The car buying journey has outgrown oversimplified heuristic models, and now requires a more sophisticated approach for accurate measurement and actionable sales attribution.

The best multi-touch models use weighted algorithms to measure the true sales value for paid and organic channels online. The attribution solutions that use this data-driven approach are a big step in aligning marketing and sales. Better yet, the best of the best also help you understand shoppers, know what makes them tick and predict future sales performance.

2. Optimize Your CRM

Ideally, your CRM should be a central location where BDC and sales reps can go anytime to see exactly what’s going on with any customer at any given time. After all, the basic purpose of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is to help your dealership effectively manage relationships with customers and align every team. Unfortunately, duplicate records and outdated data are a common roadblock for effective personalization and automation. An audit of your CRM is a good thing to do on a consistent basis. The cleaner you keep your CRM data, the better your chances of keeping every team on the same page and creating the best experience for your customers.

3. Use Data to Drive Your Digital Strategy

Consumers today expect personalized shopping experiences online. Recent studies show that 74% of online shoppers are frustrated by irrelevant content. Meanwhile, 77% of shoppers report choosing, recommending and spending more with companies that provide personalized experiences.

With consumers spending so much time online (and so little in your showroom) you have to deliver exceptional customer service online to drive people to your online showroom and keep them there. And this is one area where marketing and sales can really work together and collaborate to develop and execute successful campaigns that drive more customers to your showroom.

For more in-depth tips on using data and internal collaboration to drive digital campaigns, download our free marketing automation guide.


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