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Expert Tips for Targeting Audiences on Facebook

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Contributed By: Jeremy Johnson

It’s no secret that Facebook is a powerful tool for dealerships. The social network holds an enormous amount of first-party data on billions of users and offers hundreds of options for audience targeting.

To get the most out of your ad dollars, it’s important to make sure that you are effectively targeting the right shoppers at the right time. Here are a few examples of tactics we use with our clients to optimize audience targeting and maximize return on Facebook spend.

CRM Targeting

Also known as custom audiences, CRM targeting is a dynamic tactic to leverage for strengthening connections with current customers. By importing data from your CRM, Facebook helps you identify users who you have existing relationships with for campaign targeting.

Typically, for our clients, we recommend starting with a list of at least 2,000 contacts. From there, you can choose targeting options based on demographics like location, age, gender and interests.

If you create a custom audience with less than 1,000 people, you can talk to your PureCars rep or marketing team about using that data to create a lookalike audience, which helps you reach new prospects based on your ideal customer profiles.

Inventory Retargeting

Through Facebook, we’re able to set up targeting on the make, model and VIN-level to help move inventory faster. We target users with relevant ads based on specific inventory to drive them directly to VDPs. If you do use this approach, it’s important to serve ads based on available inventory so you can direct users to a VDP instead of a generic landing page or SRP. We’ve found that it helps keep users engaged because it’s hyper-relevant to the ad content, and they don’t have to sift back through an SRP to find that VIN again. It also helps with tracking behavior for retargeting as users move lower down the funnel.

You can also target based on an off-make model, which allows you to serve ads to users who are looking for another OEM model. This is something that can really help if you are looking to dominate body styles in your market.

The PureCars Approach

At PureCars our goal is to find out what our clients have done in the past (good and bad) and build a customized strategy where no stone is left unturned.

We educate dealers on the importance of data and how to build campaigns that align with their business goals. By doing this, we can make informed recommendations regarding the type of targeting we’ve seen work based on best practices, and the budget needed to achieve optimal results.

Before making decisions about targeting, contact your PureCars team and ask them questions: How much opportunity am I currently missing? How much would it take to fully fund the campaign? What is the best way to get attention on (insert make/model)? How much will it cost? How much time is needed to set this up?

Last but not least, is the need to set expectations. All campaigns should be judged based on KPIs that are communicated to internal and external teams. While we can’t directly sell cars for clients, we should be driving high potential traffic and leads with every campaign. We can confirm that we’re doing that by comparing/contrasting performance versus high priority KPIs. That way, we can optimize accordingly to achieve the desired results. Connect with your PureCars representative today to get expert tips on optimizing Facebook campaigns and audience targeting.


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