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Our Integration Partners

Our integration partners serve as a valuable extension of our team and technology solutions. With thousands of options to choose from, we carefully select our partners based on audience reach, access to cutting-edge technology and compatibility with other integrations. Learn more about our valued partners. 



Google owns 75% of the search market. And now that 86% of car buyers conduct online research, advertising on Google is critical to reach in-market shoppers. As an Elite Search Partner, we are able to provide dealers with new technology first, as well as access to exclusive search and display networks.



Bing represents 43% of paid clicks and is used by 17 million automotive searchers - that includes 14 million who are not reached on Google. As an Elite SMB Partner, we work closely with Bing and gain exclusive access to innovative new products and features for our clients' campaigns.



Website visitors who are retargeted with relevant ads are 70% more likely to convert. Our Display Exchange helps dealers reach and re-engage customers with relevant ads through contextual and behavioral targeting. Using real-time bidding, dynamic and compliant ads are delivered on hundreds of thousands of publishers' sites.



Boasting more than 100 million monthly users, Waze ads can increase store traffic by up to 20%. PureCars has the honor of being Waze’s first-ever Preferred Partner. Our SmartAdvertising platform integrates Waze ads to promote service and repairs to drivers, reaching them at key need-it-now moments.



As the most used social network with 1 billion active daily users, Facebook is the platform with the widest potential reach for automotive advertisers. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we know the ins and outs of segmentation and targeting, maximizing ROI for our clients.


59% of Instagram users are below the age of 30, making this a key platform for engaging young car buying audiences. We work closely with Instagram as a Marketing Partner, which means that we know how to get the most out of ad campaigns on this platform.


Video Ad Exchange

Research shows that after watching online videos, 61% of shoppers went looking for more information and 37% searched a dealer’s inventory. To maximize visibility for our customers, we integrate with the video ad exchange to serve OEM Compliant pre-roll, bumper ads and more.

Learn how your business can partner with PureCars. We’ll contact you within 1 business day (usually sooner) to discuss partnership opportunities.

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