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Marketing Automation

How We Automate Your Marketing with SmartAdvertising® Technology

Dynamic, Compliant Ads

Our proprietary ad builders ensure that every digital ad is OEM Compliant, and dynamically targeted to engage in-market audiences.

Real-Time Bidding

Using advanced targeting and real-time bidding, we use our bid manager to eliminate wasted spend on PPC advertising.


Budget Optimization

The budget manager tracks monthly spend and paces your search budget to optimize campaign performance.

Incentive Manager

We maximize results for incentive programs by using SmartAdvertising to build and manage digital campaigns.

Platform Features

Ad Builder

We use a proprietary ad builder to deliver ads across devices based on search-relevant features. The platform utilizes your inventory feed to create dynamic campaigns, ad groups and ads so you don’t have to go through the pain of updating day after day. Automate your ads and capture customers at the peak of purchase intent with robust ad structure and compliant copy.

Platform Features

Bid Manager

We use programmatic technology and advanced targeting to optimize bids in real-time through our bid manager. The system is constantly analyzing millions of data points, measuring cost per click (CPC) and optimizing each bid so you don't have to worry about any wasted spend.

Platform Features

Budget Manager

Our budget tool continuously updates your total allotted spend based on your monthly targeted goal. Utilizing the budget tool ensures that your accounts are hitting targeted spend while pacing evenly throughout the month.

Platform Features

Incentive Manager

With SmartAdvertising, we apply available incentives - dealer specific, regional or national - for all new makes and models. These incentives are applied to every relevant campaign across search, display, social and video advertising channels.

Platform Features

Display Ad Builder

We use our proprietary ad builder tool to automate display ad creation. All we have to do is input the relevant information and incentive details, and the platform generates high quality, compliant ads with dynamic designs. Those ads are then distributed through our display networks based on hyper-targeted audience segmentations, all without you having to lift a finger.

Mazda - Display Ad Builder Example

Why PureCars?

Dealers Using PureCars

“PureCars has been an invaluable partner to Ricart Automotive. They continually work with us to understand our business objectives and consult on ways to help make our dealership more successful.”

Jeremy Tudor
Digital Operations Director, Ricart Automotive Group

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