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Attribution and Analytics Platform for Automotive

Signal is a cloud-based platform for collecting, analyzing and acting on advertising, sales and shopper insights in real-time  

Integrated Attribution

Signal connects advertising, sales and inventory data to provide accurate, full-funnel sales attribution in one centralized dashboard

Shopper Engagement

We track intent-based behavior signals from your website and media channels to measure engagement in each stage of the buying journey


Inventory Engagement

Our algorithm tracks and scores shopper behavior on your website to measure inventory engagement for make, model and VIN level analysis

Smart Suggestions

Based on sales and market insights, Signal delivers data-driven recommendations that you can act on immediately to improve results


Platform Features

Evolved Revenue Attribution

Our proprietary algorithm, connects and analyzes data from disparate sources to provide accurate multi-touch attribution in one centralized dashboard. Attribution insights are also paired with behavioral and inventory data to give you a holistic, data-driven view of your performance.

Platform Features

Inventory Tracking & Scoring

Signal has a built-in inventory scoring system that rates vehicle performance on a scale of 0 - 100 based on market demand, shopper engagement and sales data. It provides detailed reporting at the make, model and VIN level for advanced analysis and forecasting.

Platform Features

Shopper Engagement

The Signal platform tracks shopper behavior through digital interactions and provides detailed insights on where they are in the buying journey. It offers executive reports with the intelligence you need to transform anonymous shoppers into customers.

Platform Features

Data-Driven Recommendations

Signal analyzes performance data and market insights to provide strategic recommendations that you can act on immediately to optimize sales.


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