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PureCars Delivers More, Ready to Buy Auto Shoppers with Meridian

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PureCars Meridian, Premier Automotive Marketing Platform for Progressive Auto Dealers

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest marketing innovation. Get ready for Meridian, the premier automotive marketing platform that delivers more ready to buy shoppers to your dealership. In addition to offering fluid, cross-channel budget management, the platform intelligently identifies low funnel shoppers and makes your dealership the clear choice for their purchase.

“PureCars is advancing the industry with our most powerful automotive marketing platform to date,” CEO Sam Mylrea said. “With more robust data and reporting than ever before, our technology evolves to make dealers’ ambitions actionable. We are the trusted source for unparalleled insights that keep numbers up and brings shoppers to the showroom. As our capabilities expand, we remain singularly committed to serving dealers and providing the expertise to help them excel in the market.”

In addition to propelling dealers to bigger and better profits from marketing, Meridian, provides reliable, straight-forward attribution between online activity and offline sales. The platform integrates with inventory feeds, sales software and third-party vendor reporting systems to show exactly how hard every marketing dollar is working to drive revenue.

“We know that for our own revenue engine, accurate attribution is incredibly important in order to spend as efficiently as possible,” PureCars Chief Revenue Officer, Jeff Ranalli said. “We also know that attribution is a very tricky thing for our dealer partners and we have spent the past few years developing a transparent and unbiased attribution platform to empower dealers to make their spend as effective as humanly possible.”

Click here to learn more about Meridian and how it will deliver more low funnel shoppers to your store.

About PureCars

Get stronger, smarter intelligence with PureCars. Our proprietary automotive marketing platform is built on the expertise of a wide range of car people — from data scientists to digital advertising experts — working relentlessly to ensure your dealership keeps growing. We make decisions rooted in strategy, not speculation, and have the proof in every penny.

Take your numbers to the next level with our comprehensive suite of solutions that address every aspect of your business, from sales to fixed ops. With PureCars, you outperform the competition and are prepared for the road ahead. Learn more at www.purecars.com.


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