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Quick Email Marketing Tips for Dealerships

Tips for Dealership Email MarketingEmail marketing is a getting more challenging by the day. On one hand, it presents you with an amazing opportunity to keep your dealership top-of-mind with your leads, helping you close more deals. Conversely, it’s hard to cut through the clutter that fills everyone’s inbox these days, especially considering the average person receives 121 emails per day. With so many messages to keep up with, getting prospects to open and engage with marketing and sales communications is no easy task.

Challenges aside, there’s no denying that email marketing is critical for sales success. You already know your dealership needs to leverage email to communicate with potential buyers and maintain a relationship with customers that have already purchased from you. The key to keeping them engaged lies in how and what you choose to share through this channel.

So, what can you do to break through the clutter and increase your email success rates? Here are 3 quick ways to increase your email engagement rates.

1. Personalize, Personalize and Personalize

Don’t send a spammy, generic email to your entire database. Instead, personalize your message by using recipients’ first name (or nickname), segmenting to address particular pain points, or highlighting specific vehicles they’ve shown interest in. However, you choose to do it, putting your customer data to use with email communications is proven to increase engagement rates. In fact, if you don’t personalize your email, 52% of your prospects will ignore it completely.

Quick Tip: Use your prospect’s name in the email subject line – “Bob, thanks for stopping by. Check out our latest financing rates.”

2. Create FOMO

Nothing drives engagement more than fear of missing out (FOMO) on a great deal or an exclusive offer. Use email marketing to create a sense of urgency by promoting limited-time offers, price drop alerts and exclusive discounts for different customer segments. Setting promotion deadlines and reminding prospects that there is a limited supply can all help trigger FOMO.

Quick Tip: Although these emails might seem like a good context for exclamation points, you should avoid it. Using exclamation points in marketing emails is one of the easiest ways to get your message marked as spam by email providers. So, err on the side of CAN SPAM compliance and minimize your usage of them.

3. Make the Subject Line Stand Out

35% of email recipients decide whether or not they’ll open an email based on the subject line. To avoid the immediate delete, keep your subject lines within 40 and 50 characters. That’s been found to be the sweet spot for increasing open rates and click through rates. Remember, most emails are opened on mobile devices now, so keeping your subject line shorter will help it get read.

Quick Tip: Use a call to action in your subject line when applicable – Check out our latest ”offer or promotion” or Act now to get a free oil change.

Key Takeaways

While investing in email marketing is time consuming, the returns make it worthwhile. Spending a little bit of time preparing the right personalized message, with the right call to action, will help you increase your email success metrics, drive engagement and close more deals.


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