How We Optimize Dealership Advertising by Being a Trusted Advisor

October 14, 2019
How We Optimize Dealership Advertising by Being a Trusted Advisor -

By: Ryan Quam | Enterprise Strategy Manager, PureCars

Today’s car buyers prefer digital path to purchase.  Reports on millennial car buyers suggest virtually all their car shopping starts online, before walking into a showroom. If you’re not maximizing your online presence (website and social media), you’ll likely miss these buyers.

How We Help Our Partners Perform Better:

Over the past five years, digital advertising spend has increased from 25% to 53% of dealerships’ overall ad budgets. As digital’s share of wallet continues to grow, it’s more important than ever for auto dealers to spend as efficiently as possible to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS). We do this with our partners by doing these three things:

  • Making proactive recommendations based on high impact performance insights and attribution data
  • Conquesting smarter through centralized, multi-channel digital ad campaigns
  • Implementing a hyper-targeted strategy for digital advertising based on business goals and market factors

3 Ways We Serve as a Trusted Advisor:

  1. Lead the discussion: Before every performance meeting, we benchmark campaign performance against core dealership goals to identify strengths and areas to improve. We don’t skirt around underperforming channels or ads, instead we view those as opportunities to improve the next month.
  2. Share solutions: Create value and trust when offering solutions or change. Monitor performance, campaign optimizations, creative/copy changes. Taking a look at the dealership’s Google My Business, the website and all social media. How are they representing themselves? What’s their professional brand? How many clicks does it take to get to valuable information?
  3. Be resourceful: Create new ideas and new initiatives. Collaborate with your team to answer, “How do we create the next level of value for this account?” We bring the client into the conversation by inviting feedback & observations about sales, traffic, workplace challenges.


Of course, there are a lot of ways that we partner with our clients as trusted advisors, and maximize their advertising performance and ROAS. To learn more about our advertising solutions for dealers, check out SmartAdvertising!


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