PureCars Spotlight: Get to Know Robby White

June 12, 2020
– PureCars Spotlight: Get to Know Robby White

This week we sit down with Robby White to learn more about him and what his day-to-day looks like at PureCars. Just last month, Robby celebrated 3 years on the team, where he is a Production Video Lead. Get to know more about Robby and his critically acclaimed film reviews!

Name: Robby White

What’s your role at PureCars? Production Video Lead

How long have you worked at PureCars? Just over three years!

Aside from work, what are you doing to keep yourself occupied while stuck at home right now? My wife and I have a 9-month-old boy, so he is keeping us pretty busy. I have also been doing lots of yard work and painting in my free time.

Notebooks, whiteboard, post-its, or digital? Post-Its — Still something about actually writing something down and crossing it off later that is satisfying.

Where can we (usually) find you when you’re not working? My wife and I love to hike. Some of our favorite places around Georgia include Tallulah Gorge, Panther Creek Falls, Sawnee Mountain Preserve, Amicalola Falls, and Sweetwater Creek.

What is something most people would be surprised to know about you? I have found that my wife is a critical movie critic, so I started an Instagram just to share her un-prompted reviews. Luckily, she approves of my favorite movie, Wall-E.

What’s the best ad (digital, tv commercial, etc.) you have ever seen? The ‘Imported From Detroit’ Chrysler commercial. I grew up 45 minutes outside of Detroit, and it is a cool city with lots of history and character unlike most people have heard. I thought this was a powerful commercial that gave a glimpse into that and was such a good tagline.

What is the coolest trip you’ve ever been on? I once took a week-long trip to Maui. It was so incredible to see such a vast variety of terrain on such a small island. We did the Road to Hana and it was some of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. I definitely want to go back one day.

If you were a character from The Office or Friends who would you be? The Office was literally my favorite show as I was growing up through High School and College. Honestly, I would probably be Pam Beesly. She is more artistically inclined. She is a warm, friendly person. She can be shy, but much more outgoing with her friends and the people that she knows and trusts. She also seems to avoid confrontation to remain diplomatic when possible. She has lots of passion for the things she loves in life. Those are all characteristics I see in myself as well.

Vikki, our previous Employee Spotlight wants to know… If you could pass one nugget of wisdom down to future generations, what would it be? Time really does go by so quickly. Don’t get stuck in a routine and go on autopilot through life. We all only have a finite time here on Earth, so make sure you spend it with those you love, doing things you are passionate about, and making a change in something or someone’s life. It seems so simple but so easy to forget. Don’t get caught up in the grind and always looking and longing for what could be ahead. Take stock in what is most important to you. Live in those moments, invest your time there, and with those you love.

And finally, what would you like to ask out next employee spotlight? What piece of media (Film, Book, Album, Ect.) has impacted you the most in your life, and why?

Check back in a couple of weeks to see highlights from one of out other all-star team members!



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