With Few Cars to Sell, Where Do Ad Dollars Go?

July 27, 2021
ad dollars – With Few Cars to Sell, Where Do Ad Dollars Go?

Automotive News

By Lindsay Vanhulle

For a second year, dealership marketers are evaluating their advertising strategies in a challenging sales environment.

There are two schools of thought on how dealerships should approach advertising in a time of low inventory.

One, said Sariah Heaton, marketing director for Jerry Seiner Dealerships in Salt Lake City, is to pull back on spending while dealerships have so few cars to sell.

“A lot of dealerships are really, really slashing their budgets down because the demand is there either way,” she said, “and we are subscribing to that for the most part.”

The second: Keep a foot on the pedal and stay top of mind with consumers through brand awareness messaging until vehicle supply normalizes.

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