An Enduring Partnership and Data-Driven Strategy Drive More Leads for O’Brien Auto Group

August 19, 2020

PureCars has been invested in the growth and profitability of O’Brien Auto Group since 2015. The two teams work closely together to create and optimize a digital strategy with proven success over time. 

O'Brien Auto Group – An Enduring Partnership and Data-Driven Strategy Drive More Leads for O’Brien Auto Group

About O’Brien Auto Group

Founded in 1986, O’Brien Auto Group started with a single Lexus dealership in Bellevue, WA. Today, O’Brien Auto group is the region’s largest auto dealer, consisting of 12 dealerships across Oregon and Washington State, representing 9 top brands. 

The group’s  philosophy is simple: focus on making the experience of  buying and owning a vehicle as easy and enjoyable as possible for their customers.

Business Goals & KPIs

O'Brien Auto Group KPIs.

O’Brien Auto Group’s primary goals for advertising are brand awareness, staying top of mind (especially as it pertains to retargeting), and purchase consideration. Mariam and her team strive to meet these three goals in all facets of advertising — across PPC, social, third party advertising, etc.

Challenges Prior to PureCars

Before partnering with PureCars, O’Brien Auto Group had a hard time maintaining high visibility on search engine results pages (SERP) for organic search. 

Mariam Ketner, Director of Social and Digiital Media, O'Brien Auto Group.

PureCars Solutions

PPC seems to be one of the top methods of advertising in automotive. PureCars has helped our dealers navigate this ever changing landscape not only on the Tier 3 level but also understanding Tier 1 and Tier 2, with:

  • Paid Search / SEM
  • Display
  • Social Retargeting
  • Video Advertising
  • Website Ads
  • Attribution

[Our Strategy Manager] Mickey has done an exceptional job walking us through every facet of PPC; from metrics, to reports, to new tools our dealerships are equipped with what we deem appropriate in the PPC realm of advertising. 

Results & Data

To continue generating leads during the COVID-19 Shutdown, O’Brien Auto Group used PureCars’ website advertising tool, driving people to their sites with data-driven digital ad campaigns on search and social.

“We recently used [website ads] to get leads during COVID-19. We received over 100 leads across our stores and it worked amazingly! Our dealerships were able to sell cars as a result. We also have seen social as the #1 and #2 top referrers for website traffic and this is based on PureCars social retargeting.”

Mariam Ketner – Director of Social & Digital Media, O’Brien Auto Group

PureCars Dynamic Website Ads

Dynamic Ads are a no-brainer for converting more low funnel traffic on dealer websites. They take just minutes to setup and launch, and can be served universally to every site visitor, or to select micro audiences based on their shopping behavior. Using dynamic website ads, O’Brien Auto Group saw the following in just one month:

  • 100 Leads in 1 Month
  • 11K Total Reach
  • 13% Lead Rate

PureCars Dynamic Website Ad for O'Brien Auto Group.

Paid Search Results Year-To-Date

O’Brien Auto Group had its best month of the year in June, after rebounding in May.

O'Brien Auto Group Paid Search SEM Results Year-to-Date.

What’s Next For O’Brien Auto Group

Mariam cited PureCars’ technology, performance and ease of use as primary reasons to recommend PureCars. Last, but not least on her list is her PureCars Strategy Manager, Mickey Thompson. The difference is in the partnership and support Mickey provides O’Brien Auto Group.

“Bi-Weekly overview calls, as well as monthly performance reviews, by store, with GM’s and Marketing team, solidify our Partnership with the O’Brien Auto Group. The level of communication and understanding of each stores’ objectives ensures we are always partnering to achieve the same goals!”

Mickey Thompson – Senior Accounts Strategy Manager, PureCars

Ketner, and O’Brien Auto Group, plan to continue to drive success across their stores through their well established digital partnership with PureCars. With what they were able to achieve despite pandemic related challenges in the first half of 2020, the outlook is good for the balance of the year. ***



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