How Prime Automotive Group Increased ROAS and Vehicle Sales with PureCars

January 22, 2019

Signal enables Prime Automotive Group to measure and understand the impact of digital channels on shopper engagement and sales – both at the group and dealer level. Based on insights from Signal, the group adjusted their digital strategy to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) and vehicle sales.

Prime Automotive Group wanted to implement a data-driven, multi-touch attribution model to measure return on ad spend (ROAS) and understand the true impact of the corporate marketing strategy on dealership sales. The group also wanted to provide its 30+ rooftops with full visibility on shopper engagement through the entire customer journey to optimize inventory efficiency and improve monthly sales performance.

With Signal Pro, every dealership had instant access to cross-channel reporting, shopper engagement and inventory performance data to inform stocking, merchandising and sales. At the same time, the corporate marketing team had the executive roll-up reports they needed to analyze digital channel performance, validate vendor reporting and benchmark dealers’ results.

“One of our primary goals for last year was to develop a single source for real attribution data,” said David Rosenberg, CEO of Prime Automotive Group. “Cut the argument on who provided what lead, or appointment set rates… just show us what we spend and the impact on sales. Signal does that for us and PureCars provides suggested actions to improve ROI month over month.”

Download the case study to find out how PureCars and Signal helped Prime Automotive Group increase return on ad spend (ROAS) by more than 20%. Plus, learn how we helped one dealership in the group achieve 150% of its monthly sales goals.



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