How Pro Dealer Helped Dimmitt Auto Achieve Record Results

June 15, 2021

Since starting at the Group two years ago, Andrew Riffee has strived to streamline Dimmitt Auto Group’s digital marketing tactics across all five campuses.

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About Dimmitt Auto Group

Dimmitt Auto Group is a family-owned and operated automotive Group in the Tampa Bay area. Founded in 1924, the Group has nine unique manufacturers across five campuses and specializes in luxury and high luxury brands. 

PureCars sat down with Andrew Riffee, Chief Marketing Technology Officer for the Group, to discuss the remarkable improvements they’ve seen since changing their digital marketing strategy. Andrew was also just honored as a member of Automotive News’ 40 Under 40 class for 2021.

Key Challenges

  • Fragmented digital marketing
  • Too much data, not enough information
  • Inefficiencies in media spend
  • Turbulent environment, headwinds

PureCars Solutions

  •  Social Media Strategy
  •  Display, Video & OTT
  •  Paid Search
  •  Lead Generation Tools

The Situation: Disjointed and Counterproductive Marketing at a Critical Time

“Every campus seemed to have a unique strategy. So we tried to take the good behaviors and create them across the Group while eliminating the bad behaviors.” He shared. “We partnered with strategic vendors that I felt added strengths, guidance, and direction for the business.”

Riffee realized early on that their fragmented digital marketing plans were not giving them the best advantage. Dimmitt Auto Group partnered with PureCars to help create a game plan that would create a concise strategy and more effective marketing in a turbulent environment.

With more customers turning to digital, it was vital that Dimmitt had a better grasp of how to take advantage of all the data available. Not only that, but with the pandemic, the Group faced unexpected headwinds. At the height of the lockdowns, standard marketing tactics weren’t going to cut it. Their response was to face the challenges head-first.

The Solution: One Cohesive Answer That Brought Everything Together

The decision to move to PureCars’ Dealer Pro package was a simple one. “We felt that PureCars has the depth and the breadth with this tool to accentuate our mission,” Riffee said. “The data that PureCars has is invaluable because it enables us to pivot quickly.” 

The Group’s new holistic approach to marketing, combined with PureCars’ data-backed tactics, focused on the following solutions:

  • Social Media Strategy for Individual Stores
  • Display and Video
  • Paid Search
  • Leads and Leads Components


“We were looking for efficiencies in our spend . . . we’re a unique automotive group because not only are we luxury, but we’re also high luxury,” Riffee shared how impactful these new tactics have been for the Group. The Dimmitt Group’s partnership with PureCars helped streamline gaps in their marketing strategy, and worked closely with Riffee to create a clear vision.


The Results: Record Performance 9+ Months and Running

The Dimmitt Auto Group switched to PureCars’ Pro Dealer package in May 2020 and saw immediate results. 

Andrew shared, “Last year, we had our best year in the 97-year history of the organization, and we’re going to do that again this year . . . We’ve experienced overnight results. We’ve had nine consecutive months of record lead volumes from a phone and internet perspective. PureCars’ partnership has been instrumental in helping us navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, restructuring our digital marketing strategies, and delivering unprecedented levels of success.”

With Andrew Riffee’s diligent marketing guidance and PureCars’ data-first approach, the Dimmitt Auto Group is well on its way to continue raising the bar and setting new records this year.

The Group saw improvements in the following areas:

  • 22% April Volume Record Increase
  • 20% Lead Counts by Telephone Increase
  • 17% Internet Leads Increase
  • 22% BDC Appointments Increase
  • 26% Shows Increase


When asked why the Dimmitt Auto Group would recommend PureCars, Riffee listed:

  • EXPERTISE            
Andrew Riffee - CMTO, Dimmitt Automotive Group - PureCars.
Andrew Riffe, CMTO, The Dimmitt Auto Group

Goals & KPIs

  • Streamline Marketing Strategy
  • Increase Internet Leads 
  • Increase Calls
  • Increase Appointments & Shows
  • Increase Sales

PureCars Solutions In Action

  • Holistic Digital Strategy
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Strategies for New, Used & Fixed 
  • Display, Video & OTT
  • Lead Generation Tools


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