The OC Auto Group Stays The Course With Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

August 11, 2021

Since partnering with PureCars in 2018, the OC Auto Group has doubled down on digital marketing campaign efforts and has seen an increase in growth and profitability. By prioritizing a data-driven approach to advertising, the group has revitalized marketing efforts and leveled the playing field with competitors.

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The Situation

Key Challenges

  • Cumbersome Paid Social Campaigns
  • Restricted Sales Operations 
  • Re-engaging Inactive Customers
  • Reduced Operational Capacity

PureCars Solutions

  • Paid Search
  • Social
  • Display & Retargeting
  • Optimized GMB Listings (SEAT)

When the OC Auto Group realized their voice wasn’t being heard with their previous provider, they decided to make a change. John Patterson shared, “Before PureCars, we weren’t able to stay competitive in this geographically-tight playing field. We were being out-priced and-out paced by the competition. Our previous provider didn’t seem to hear us. Instead, they seemed too busy telling and selling.”

The PureCars team listened to the OC Auto Group’s concerns and worked to help the OC Auto Group align their digital advertising strategy with their goals. By shifting into gear to maximize efficiency and make the most of their marketing dollars, the OC Auto Group was able to create a consistent message online for customers searching for all things automotive.

The Solution

Goals & KPIs

  •  Sales            
  •  Leads
  •  Impression Share
  •  Clicks + Impressions
  •  CPC

PureCars Solutions In Action

  •  Search, Display & Social Advertising 
  •  Optimized GMB Listings (Local Engage)
  •  Dynamic Onsite Offers 
  •  Value Reports
  •  Business Intelligence Tools

“PureCars’ experience-based expertise in the Auto Industry is refreshing and relatable. We’ve lowered our cost per click, making our dollar go further.”

In collaboration with PureCars, the OC Auto Group implemented their new digital marketing strategies and noticed an immediate difference not just in numbers, but in the new partnership. Patterson shared, “Our Major Account Strategy Manager, Mickey Thompson, has become a mentor, an advisor, and an advocate who HEARS us. He represents all four of our dealerships and has an intuitive instinct for what each store needs to achieve success for that brand, at that location.”

Notably, the most critical change that Patterson noticed about PureCars was the importance of representation. 


The Results

“Our sales have been up, year over year, to the point of bettering the projections and the markets.”

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the OC Auto Group has continually seen an increase in market share due to highly effective ad campaigns. With a genuine understanding of the market, the OC Auto Group has soared since partnering with PureCars.

“We focus heavily on our PPC advertising and in 2019 paid $3.50 CPC, and in 2020 we are at $2.80 and continue to compete at a lower CPC. This reduction has allowed us to lower our PPC budgets by almost 35% and invest that back into Social, Video, and Fixed Ops to improve our overall strategy and fund additional profit centers, making our dealerships dollars go further! Recently Mickey recommended some out-of-the-box ideas to help us increase our online digital retailing,” Patterson said.

The new campaigns saw over 5K impressions and a 6% Conversion Rate so far on these campaigns.

“Whatever goal or opportunity we are going after, PureCars helps guide us and fulfill the advertising strategy in a creative and valuable approach.”

The OC Auto Group increased their 0-10 mile January – July market share from 32.3% in 2019 to 36.92% in 2020, creating a 4.62% increase in market share.

“Upon coming on to our account, Mickey [Thompson] was able to identify key metrics where he thought we could gain ROI and market share. He questioned our CPC at over $5 average and created a stronger strategy by utilizing day parting, demographics, and mobile targeting to adjust our CPC to under $3.50 average,” Patterson shared.

This change allowed the OC Auto Group to reach more customers while getting more creative with the same investment amount. 

“In a very competitive market, we increased our 0-10 mile January – July market share from 28.27% in 2019 to 31.67% in 2020 for a 3.4% increase in market share!” John Patterson shared as he explained the improvements he saw after using PureCars products. 

Before COVID-19, the OC Auto Group also ran a successful Happy Hour Campaign to encourage customers by combining social media, search, and video. The group promoted a unique message and saw a lift in-store visits and overall floor traffic during non-peak hours. 

The OC Auto Group increased their advertising PMA January – July market share from 40.94% in 2019 to 43.32% in 2020 for a 2.38% increase at the Mission Viejo Acura branch location.

“With the help of PureCars and Mickey’s analysis, we continually monitor what’s going on in our local market, who is competing with us in the digital space, and what markets we have the opportunity in, based on historical and real-time data,” Patterson said.

What's Next for the OC Group?

“We plan to stay the course.”

PureCars is proud to partner with Patterson and his team to continue successfully leading upward trends for the group. 

The OC Auto Group and PureCars have an ongoing conversation to reconfigure strategies and look for other out-of-the-box ideas to drive sales.

When asked why the OC Auto Group would recommend PureCars, Patterson listed:

  • Expertise
  • Technology
  • Performance
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support
John Patterson, Owner & Operator, The OC Auto Group

About OC Auto Group

Founded in 2004, the OC Auto Group serves Southern California in four different locations: Tustin Mazda, Huntington Beach Mazda, Tustin Hyundai, and Mission Viejo Acura. Owned and operated by John Patterson, the award-winning group proudly serves Orange County and is highly praised for their reputation of being customer service-focused.

The group has a mission to treat customers and employees alike as guests in their home—making certain their home is a place people want to be. At the OC Auto Group, every transaction is guided by the principles of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. The group sets itself apart from other retailers by having a transparent, enjoyable process in all business practices.



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