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COVID-19 Road to Recovery: Bold Dealer Strategies That Are Paying Off Big

Tune in with PureCars Founder and CEO, Jeremy Anspach, Jeff Ranalli and Lauren Donalson as they sit down with David Kain and Rick Ricart to discuss what recovery looks like for auto dealers as we begin to look toward re-opening from the COVID-19 Crisis.

In this webinar, Jeremy, David, Rick and Lauren share the bold strategies that are paying off big for innovative dealers around the country, along with data-driven recommendations for all dealers to come out of this stronger on the other side.

Why Digital Marketing Isn't Selling Cars for Your Dealership

Digital marketing webinar thumbnail

Understanding the Value of OEM Programs for Dealers

OEM Program webinar thumbnail

Best Practices for Measuring Dealership Performance

Best Practices for Understanding and Analyzing Dealership Performance

Harnessing the Power of Micro-Moments with Car Buyers

Harnessing Power of Micro-Moments

Understanding the Difference Between Local SEO vs. Content SEO 

SEO Webinar (1)

Optimizing Your Digital Strategy for Seasonality

How to Optimize Dealership Digital Strategy for Automotive Seasonality

CPO Sales: Stop Leaving Money on the Table with Generation Z

With over 39 million used vehicles sold every year it's important to maximize your profits from those sales. You also want to make sure you are capturing sales from younger generations who are opting for older models with higher trim levels and certified packages instead of more expensive new base models.

In this webinar, Senior Strategy Manager Sean Chappell will explore market trends and analyze the biggest potential profit center for dealership CPO Sales: Generation Z.

Certified Preowned Sales to Generation Z

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