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[On Demand] The Power of Digital Marketing for Fixed Ops

As with most things these days, when people need service or repair work done on their vehicles, they turn to the internet. And because of that, digital marketing is critical for boosting service visits. In fact, well-optimized digital campaigns can increase leads and revenue for fixed ops by up to 50%. In this webinar, Strategy Manager Kevin Payne shares tips and tricks for creating successful digital fixed ops campaigns.

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Digital for Fixed Ops

[On Demand] Why Every Dealership Needs a YouTube Channel 

We know that YouTube is a valuable and influential platform for engaging with car shoppers online. In this webinar, Strategy Manager Duane Clifford shares the reasons why having your own YouTube channel is important for driving more customers to your showroom. He also gives expert tips on how to successfully launch a new YouTube channel.

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Why have a YouTube Channel

[On Demand] Optimizing Your Digital Strategy for Seasonality 

In this webinar, Kristi Hector talks about automotive seasonality and how to optimize your marketing strategy for slow and high seasons. She’ll also walk you through a sample Labor Day campaign and discuss why it’s important to know when these trends are coming so you can proactively shift budgets and plan accordingly.

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How to Optimize Dealership Digital Strategy for Automotive Seasonality

[On Demand] How Successful Dealerships Use Display Advertising

There is a lot of value in investing in display ads, especially when it comes to expanding your reach and retargeting visitors who don’t convert online. It’s also a low-cost way to boost engagement with low funnel prospects. After working with thousands of dealers over the past decade, we know that display has a lot to offer automotive marketers. In this webinar we discuss best practices and tips on how to maximize the impact of display campaigns.

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Display Advertising Webinar

[On Demand] Winning with Fixed Ops: Optimizing Your Digital Service Approach

This webinar will cover how to use digital marketing tools to better target customers, and help you gain an understanding of what they want from their service experience. We'll identify potential hurdles for your service center and discuss how the right digital content can help you optimize service campaigns.

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Fixed Ops Webinar

[On Demand] Key Performance Metrics to Monitor for Search Campaigns

In this webinar, attendees will get a general overview of how search metrics are all interconnected, before we hone in on the top five connection points. From there we will dive into what we do behind the scenes to ensure performance is maintained on a granular level.

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Search Webinar

[On Demand] Missing the Mark: Monitoring Performance Over Vanity

Google Analytics is as powerful as it is misunderstood. Knowing what to use to evaluate success can be difficult if you're relying on the vanity metrics Google Analytics provides. Is bounce rate as important as goal completions? Does time on site matter compared to visitor retention stats? Join us to learn how to identify the touch points that lead to understanding true performance and success.

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Vanity Metrics Webinar

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