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[On Demand] Winning with Fixed Ops: Optimizing Your Digital Service Approach

Maximize Your Digital Marketing for Fixed Ops

This webinar will cover how to use digital marketing tools to better target customers, and help you gain an understanding of what they want from their service experience. We'll identify potential hurdles for your service center and discuss how the right digital content can help you optimize service campaigns.

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[On Demand] Missing the Mark: Monitoring Performance Over Vanity

Learn how to focus on the analytics that move your business forward, and not 'vanity metrics' that are all too common in today's digital space

Google Analytics is as powerful as it is misunderstood. Knowing what to use to evaluate success can be difficult if you're relying on the vanity metrics Google Analytics provides. Is bounce rate as important as goal completions? Does time on site matter compared to visitor retention stats? Join us to learn how to identify the touch points that lead to understanding true performance and success.

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