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Secure more quality leads with the PureCars Trade-in Tool & Report. Our easy-to-use, 3-step tool integrates easily with your existing website, requires minimal data entry and increases conversions.

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PureCars is a Toyota Dealer Digital Service certified provider.

Give Them Value and Get Them Into Your Showroom!

Optimize Conversions and Secure More Quality Leads With the PureCars Trade-in Tool & Report

  • Ensure vehicle values are in line with your trade-in strategy
  • Obtain customer information quickly before a report is generated
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing website
  • Drive trade-in customers to your showroom
  • Mobile responsive, of course
PureCars Trade-In Tool.
PureCars Easy 3-Step Trade-In Tool.

PureCars Trade-in Tool

The PureCars Trade-In Tool has three easy steps, and only takes 30 seconds to complete.

  • Simple forms reduce friction and increase conversions
  • Includes pre-filled equipment and options menu
  • Lead capture that generates reports, drives up to 15% more inquiries for your dealership

PureCars Trade-in Report

Provides a bell curve range for trade-in value, enable used car managers to adjust valuations on final appraisal.

  • Value ranges shown are based on NADAguides
  • Create and send trade-in reports on the fly to get more in the door
  • Quick, easy form increases trade-ins and boosts used car inventory
PureCars Trade-In Report.

Own Your Market with More Data-Driven Solutions From PureCars

PureCars High Performance Digital Advertising.

High Performance Digital Advertising

Grow market share and eliminate wasted ad spend with PureCars SmartAdvertising. Make your digital advertising work harder and smarter with advanced audience targeting, inventory and market insights.

PureCars Optimized Local SEO and GMB.

Search Engine Alignment Technology

 Increase calls, leads, directions and store visits for variable and fixed ops by optimizing Google My Business (GMB) and local map pack listings with PureCars SEAT.

PureCars Optimized SRPs and VDPs.

Enhanced SRPs and VDPs

Properly show off the value of your certified pre-owned and used inventory with Value Intelligence. Highlight top features in a clear, visual format and show recon value for all your Used/CPO vehicles.

Feel Confident With a Toyota Certified, Experienced & Award-Winning Partner

We’ve been vetted and selected by not only Toyota but also by Google, Bing and other top automotive Brands as a trusted, results-driven partner.

  • Toyota Dealer Digital Services Approved Provider for our online Trade-In Tool & Report
  • Google Premier Partner with search, video and shopping ad specializations
  • MS Ads Select Channel Partner
  • Oracle Elite Auto Data Marketer
  • First-Ever Waze Preferred Partner
PureCars Partnerships.

Program Benefits

Partner with a Toyota-approved, award-winning vendor and receive OEM Support for Toyota Dealers enrolled in the Toyota Dealer Digital Services (TDDS) Program. Toyota supports only approved Trade-In Tools to be placed on Dealer Websites and Program Enrollment is required.

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