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Analytics. Attribution. Insights.


Transform Insights Into Action

As a dealer, you are bombarded with data from every direction, but don’t have any clear insight on what it all means, why it matters or how to act on it. Signal solves that problem for you.

The Signal app delivers insights that...

  • Show you what’s really going on
  • Help you work smarter with better results
  • Show you the clear path to purchase
  • Help you get to know your ideal customer

Signals to Act On

Analytics. Attribution. Insights.


Stocking and Inventory Targeting

Don’t waste any space on your lot and turn inventory faster with key market insights


Merchandising Strategy

Constantly optimize digital merchandising with data-driven insights on audience behavior


Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Spend less and sell more with insights you can act on in real-time to drive more customers to your lot


Attribution and Accountability

Maximize ROI and hold vendors accountable with unbiased views and recommendations


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