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Activate Convert more low funnel traffic on your website.

With Signal Activate, you can target custom micro audiences with dynamic ads.

Capture Shoppers' Attention with Incentives Specific to Their Interests

Signal collects data on every shopper who visits your site, analyzing and categorizing them based on intent-based behavior cues in each stage of the buying journey. Using the Activate platform, you can put that data to work by creating custom micro audiences to target with dynamic, website ads promoting offers specific to their interests.

Put Your Data to Work

With Signal Activate, you'll understand the path to sales.

Understand the Path to Sale

With Signal Activate, you can easily see where shoppers are in their journey, and what inventory they are interested in. Using that data, you are able to create custom audiences to target with highly relevant offers and incentives.

Create Custom Audiences for Specific Offers

Using Signal’s simple audience creation tool, you have the ability to quickly and easily create custom micro audiences to target with dynamic native ads on your website. You can develop custom audiences based on inventory type, make/model, shopper type and focus level.

With Signal Activate, you can create custom audiences.
With Signal Activate, you can create and publish dynamic ads quickly and easily.

Create and Publish Dynamic Ads

Easily set up and launch dynamic ads on your website with Signal’s ad builder tool. Capture shoppers with highly relevant incentives and engaging native ad experiences based on their interests and where they are in the car buying journey.

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