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Analytics. Attribution. Insights.


Attribution at Your Fingertips

Signal Insights is a powerful attribution solution in a simple, easy-to-use app. The convenient newsfeed makes it easy for busy managers to read through, and act on, high impact performance insights quickly and easily through the app.

Act on Insights in Real-Time

The Signal Insights app delivers real-time alerts for high priority insights on sales, advertising and inventory performance. The system also generates data-driven recommendations with immediate value to sales and revenue growth.

Share Key Insights Instantly

Signal Insight's built-in chat messenger enables you to instantly share key insights and assign action items to your team without even leaving the app. You also have the ability to bookmark and share seamlessly between channels.

App Features


Daily News Update

Signal Insights delivers daily news updates and alerts on your inventory, sales and advertising performance. With the app, you can review, share and act on key insights anywhere and anytime. 

App Features

Built-In Chat & Sharing Features

You can easily save and share insights to act on within the Signal app. The built-in chat feature enables you to discuss news items with your team and take immediate action to improve performance for advertising, stocking and sales.

App Features

Act on Insights in Real Time

Push notifications from the mobile app enable you to act on performance insights and recommendations immediately without missing a beat.


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