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Measure return on ad spend (ROAS) for all digital channels and understand true vendor impact with unbiased attribution.

Multi-Channel Attribution & Analytics for Data-Driven Dealers


Streamlined Reporting

Navigate and analyze real-time insights on advertising, inventory and sales all in one simple tool

Honest Sales Attribution

Know exactly how much advertising contributes to every sale  - down to VIN and shopper level

Shopper Journey

View every touch point and keyword along individual shopper's journey from research, browsing to buying

Inventory Engagement

See which VINs, VDPs and SRPs are getting the most engagement based on intent-driven behavior signals


Problems We Solve

Accurate, Unbiased Attribution

Signal Measure shows you the direct connection between multi-channel advertising and vehicle sales. Our attribution reports provide big picture insights on the complex relationship between ad spend, customer behavior and vehicle sales.

Problems We Solve

Inventory Engagement

Understand which vehicles get the highest engagement from shoppers - down to the make, model and VIN level. High scores represent vehicles likely to sell quickly, and lower scores illustrate opportunities to improve stocking, merchandising and ad strategies. 

Problems We Solve

Measure Shopper Engagement

Signal Measure tracks intent-based behavior signals from online shoppers and breaks down every interaction so you know where they are in the buying journey. You can quickly see the full funnel view for all shoppers or drill down to view behavior on the brand, make/model and VIN level.

Problems We Solve

See the Click Path to Sales

Signal Measure demystifies the path to purchase, and provides true attribution for every online shopper and vehicle sold. See the media channels and touch points shoppers engage with in each stage, including which ads, pages, VDPs and search queries take shoppers from your website to your F&I office. 


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