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Analytics. Attribution. Insights.

Attribution? Check. But What’s Next?

Think beyond vanity metrics with an attribution solution that gives you a complete view of all your data points and turns them into easy-to-understand, insightful and actionable recommendations.

Signal is a powerful multi-touch attribution solution for deep market insights on the digital retailing of your inventory. With Signal, we take you beyond vanity metrics. We show you the impact digital media has on vehicle sales with insights you can act on in real time.

Go beyond attribution -- navigate the path to increased sales with Signal.

PureCars Signal: Analytics, Attribution, Insights.
PureCars Signal - Attribution and Insights.

A Total Attribution Solution

Get an integrated, unbiased view of your data

  • Accurate and unbiased 3rd party data at a glance, eliminating the need to review multiple vendor reports.
  • Synthesizes multiple data sources from your DMS and CRM, to nationwide, OEM-level information for a complete, 360° view of your dealership and market.
  • Intelligently pulls key insights from an unprecedented pool of data, delivering real-time recommendations that can be acted on quickly to move more inventory.

Features and Specifications

Signal empowers you to make better decisions and optimize ROAS

  • Intelligently combines multiple data sources to provide an unbiased and accurate view of marketing effectiveness.
  • Puts the user first by measuring what actually leads to sales beyond just clicks and views.
  • Provides checks and balances for vendor accountability.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand feed-style insights with real-time recommendations for digital merchandising.
  • Mobile app with share and chat functionality to seamlessly integrate with how you work today.
  • Path to Sale feature clearly shows shopper journeys, across multiple devices and channels, attributed to VIN-level sales.
  • Easily view performance by channel or inventory, down to the model and VIN-level for new and used vehicles.
PureCars Signal - Mobile Solution.


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