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Reach an ever-growing audience of in-market shoppers, more than 2x as accurately, with highly relevant ads on Facebook.

Get in front of exclusive audience segments with enhanced data. Re-engage low funnel visitors with VIN-specific retargeting and move your inventory faster with price drop alerts right in their news feed.

Enhance lead capture with pre-filled forms and increase engagement with highly effective video ads.


Are you in it for the likes?
Or to win the customer?

Does any of this sound familiar?

"I need to..."

“Conquest my competition”

“Generate more leads”

“Retain existing customers”

“Re-engage site visitors”

“Find new, in-market customers”

“Sell specific models with OEM incentives”

“Extend the reach of my direct mail/email campaign”

“Push inventory during specific periods or promotions”

Real shoppers. Real results.

Drive demand with in-market buyers by hyper-targeting your inventory.


Target only the inventory that matters to active prospects and customers.


Drive new buyers directly to your VDPs and customers to specials pages.


Better traffic + more conversions = results for less.

Your customers are here. Come and get them.

Inventory Targeting pairs data from your live inventory feed with market insights and key merchandising details so you can focus your ad spend on the cars that need a boost.



Facebook users

over the age of 18



Average time spent

on Facebook per day



The reach

of direct mail and email



Accurate reach

more than 2x accurate as other ad networks

Who can you reach?

Target these exclusive audiences with social ads that resonate.


Polk Audiences

Prospect customers by:

  • Make(s)
  • Model(s)
  • Body Style
  • In-market Buyers
  • Near-Market Buyers
  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Age
  • Purchased History

Mastercard, VISA and TransUnion Audiences

Prospect customers by:

  • In Market:
    Automotive Retail & Accessories
  • Recent Transaction:
    Recent Car Buyer
  • Top Tier Spender:
    New and/or Used Buyers

How can you reach them?

Generate demand with social ads tailored to specific needs and goals.


Enhanced Data

Reach exclusive audience segments right in their newsfeed.


Dynamic Retargeting

Reach new customers and re-engage low funnel shoppers.


Price Drop Alerts

Engage car buyers with price drop alerts and move your inventory faster.


Lead Ads

Enhance lead capture with pre-filled forms.


Offer Claims

Put your most enticing offers front and center.



Engage your audience with effective video ads.

"SmartAdvertising's social platform is the perfect product for getting in front of millennials! These days, buyers have a shorter attention span. When they hop off of our site and onto Facebook, we're still able to be present and engage with them. We supplement our internal Facebook efforts with the PureCars solution for dynamic retargeting, and it's worked great for us. As a result, we're getting 30% more referrals from Facebook due to our partnership with PureCars than we get from"

Shelby Loth

Internet Sales Manager, Andrew Toyota

Make Better Marketing Decisions.
Get Better Results.