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Video Advertising

Grow your brand. Run premium pre-roll video advertising alongside your cross-channel marketing campaigns for enhanced brand awareness.

  • Boost brand awareness and compliment your cross-channel marketing strategy
  • Leverage advanced targeting capabilities, including location-based, retargeting and user behaviors
  • Repurpose TV ad spots for online usage

Capture Your Customer the First Time

Does any of this sound familiar?

"I need to..."

"Conquest my competition"

"Push inventory during specific periods and/or promotions"

"Boost additional media channels by aligning message"

"Expand the reach and scale of my campaign"

"Sell specific models with OEM incentives"

"Re-engage site visitors and potential customers with visual/auditory messaging"

Bring More Customers to Your Showroom

Increase brand awareness with prospects and retarget in-market shoppers with brand, incentive and/or model ads.


Pre-roll video is a highly effective awareness tool


Pair with additional cross-channel efforts


OEM Compliance approved. Always.

Amplify TV

Align with and amplify TV campaigns


  • Fill the top of your funnel
  • Engage with active shoppers on web and mobile
  • Target shoppers by make + location
  • Use profiles of your site visitors and/or CRM to reach look-a-likes


  • Highly engaged shoppers
  • Target recent visitors to your website with video ads on many video channels and websites
  • Segment by recency / frequency / or completing a certain goal/metric

Premium Brand and Incentive Videos Dealers

  • Short, impactful videos to showcase your brand (15 seconds default length)
  • Call tracking included
  • Cost-per-view (CPV) pricing
  • Basic video advertising includes one brand video and one incentive-based video
  • Our experts put together data-driven recommendations for the most effective targeting strategy

"Our dealership loves the SmartAdvertising Video offering because it helps us stand out with our branding. It puts us ahead of the competition in the digital space and can be used in many different avenues. Utilizing video helps us make our mark month over month-- especially with the millennial audiences, who are looking for a different dealership experience than the traditional approach. PureCars technology helps us create a cutting-edge experience for our customers with their results-driven solutions."

Shelby Loth

Internet Sales Manager, Andrew Toyota


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