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  • Value Reports work for you 24/7 by building the ultimate digital value proposition on every pre-owned details page.
  • Used in thousands of Internet and BDC departments as the perfect talking script for phone-ups or as a first-response email.
  • Print in the showroom as a pre-owned vehicle brochure.
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PureCars Value Reports Help Shoppers Understand The Value In Pre-Owned Vehicles!

The PureCars Value Report is designed to educate customers on the top value, option, and reconditioning highlights for every pre-owned vehicle in your inventory. Value Reports deliver a complete digital used car brochure formulated to address the top concerns of all used car buyers. Customers gravitate towards price when they don’t understand the value that makes up your vehicle. In fact, most of your vehicle’s value isn’t displayed on your vehicle details page.

Say goodbye to alphabetical laundry lists of features and options. Showcase the most relevant value-building attributes that provide customers with the information they want, at the exact second they’re looking for it. PureCars integrates with all website providers to automatically display our multiple value highlight technology on each pre-owned vehicle details page.

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100% of customers are influenced by our multi-value highlight image, even if they never click on the full report. The Value Report can be used throughout the entire sales process to help educate your customers and give you more sales opportunities.

PureCars SmartComments Recognized as The Industry’s Only Comment Writer Capable of Automatically Displaying Reconditioning.

We took over a billion data points, 60,000 ranked options, and all the great data behind the Value Report and created a fully automated, used car comment writer that focuses on a vehicle’s top value, option, and reconditioning highlights. SmartComments are the only custom descriptions capable of displaying reconditioning like “new tires” and “new brakes”. Win the Click with comments that deliver 100% relevant results, giving dealers a competitive advantage on all listing sites.

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The PureCars Trade-In Report Maximizes Click-To-Lead Conversion

  • The industry’s best converting trade-in lead form, taking only 30 seconds to complete
  • Customers receive instant estimated trade-in values and dealers get more quality leads
  • Retarget every prospect for 60 days, even if they didn’t submit a lead
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SmartAdvertising is the Smartest, Most Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy in The Industry

Winner of DrivingSales Most Innovative Solution of the Year!

SmartAdvertising is a complete digital advertising solution that harnesses PureCars extensive data and technology to power the most relevant ads in the industry, giving subscribing dealer’s the ultimate competitive edge. How do you “Win the Click” in the digital marketplace? Start with data that is more powerful than anything else in the industry.

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