There's No Turning Back


At PureCars, better information is behind everything we do. PURE™ Intelligence refers to our proprietary way of collecting the right information and then synthesizing it so that it is not only relevant to each dealer, but immediately actionable. Which leads to our dealers staying in front of their customers, dominating market share, and gaining unfair advantage over their competitors.

We are on your side​

Our team of savvy customer experience experts is committed to your success. PURE Intelligence allows us to make recommendations based on your goals, not our commissions.

We empower dealers to reclaim control

Pure Intelligence follows the demand in each buyer’s journey, which means every dollar to target a customer is spent with more precision. That creates less ad spend waste and ultimately lowers the cost of every vehicle sold.

Our tools consistently drive better results

We filter out the useless information that dealers don’t need and utilize the rest to help drive better decisions. When you work with PureCars, you’ll know that everything we do is based on PURE Intelligence.


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resetting the standard for dealer success

Though every dealer has unique needs, here are a few stories we want to share. Learn more about how we’ve helped these dealers.