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PureCars Technology

The PureCars Platform


Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing with SmartAdvertising. Our technology combines Co-Op Compliant ad builders with data-driven campaign management tools to optimize spend and deliver high impact ads across:

  • 3x the Sales Leads
    from digital campaigns
  • 57% More Fixed Ops
    calls and leads
  • 21% Decrease
    in search cost
  • 17% Increase in Sales
    attributed to digital sources

Insights & Attribution

Signal is the total solution for attribution and insights on marketing, merchandising, inventory and sales. The app delivers insights in a convenient newsfeed, and makes it easy to act instantly through built-in chat and sharing tools. Over time, Signal also learns behavior to tailor feeds to each user's needs.


Real-Time Market Data

ZipDriven analyzes market data to show where you’re winning and losing in your PMA. This platform helps you identify your most effective conquest opportunities and gain market share with top-down reports that show how you stack up against competitors on the make, model and zip code level.


Merchandise & Convert

Value Intelligence organizes VIN data and enhances VDPs with features customers want most. Use the BDC App to build value in your used inventory by providing BDRs with all the information they need to make the sale without dropping the sale price.



All PureCars products play well with others, especially Google, Bing, Waze and Facebook. Visit our partners page to learn more about who we work with and how we integrate with different automotive technology providers.

Why PureCars?

Dealers Using PureCars

“PureCars has been an invaluable partner to Ricart Automotive. They continually work with us to understand our business objectives and consult on ways to help make our dealership more successful.”

Jeremy Tudor
Digital Operations Director, Ricart Automotive Group

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