PureCars Announces Partnership With Amazon Advertising

October 18, 2021

Combined Resources Offer Auto Dealers The Most Powerful Digital Advertising & TV Reach Available for Unparalleled Exposure, Traffic and Conversions

ATLANTA – (October 18, 2021) – PureCars, a leading provider of digital marketing technology and services for automotive dealers, today announced a new integration with Amazon Advertising, enabling PureCars’ automotive retail partners direct access to Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP) ecosystem of streaming video content. 

With this expanded audience reach, PureCars’ dealer partners gain digital advertising access to Amazon’s 120 Million active Fire TV users in the United States and Canada, along with access to advertising on Amazon-owned properties including Twitch and IMDbTV. Amazon Advertising offers dealers advanced audiences of potential car shoppers, and its diverse programming allows dealers to tailor more relevant messaging and creative based on life events, intent and Amazon Garage information. 

Furthermore, geographic targeting technology via zip code and postal code-level geographic settings allow dealers and advertisers to focus messages to specific areas, and its Cross Device Attribution means the Amazon pixel allows tracking from the television set to the website. 

The combined offering gives dealers the most powerful resource in reaching new customers, growing web and showroom traffic, and increasing conversions while reducing overall media expenditures. PureCars has quickly established itself as a leader in a variety of digital and streaming (OTT) television offerings, with 30% lower impression costs and 25% lower cost per completed views. PureCars’ Amazon CTV campaigns have resulted in a 24% increase in search impressions and clicks, and a 20% decrease in paid search CPC. Overall dealer results through PureCars campaigns have seen a 57% increase in sales and a 17% increase in repair orders. 

“PureCars and Amazon Advertising will provide dealers with the most robust digital advertising reporting and metrics in the industry,” said Jeremy Anspach, CEO of PureCars. “Along with our overall advertising options, PureCars continues to refine metrics and insights into traffic and customer engagement, meaning dealers can expect options that will help them capitalize on their web and showroom traffic while growing market share.” 

PURE Insights offers leading business intelligence resources, including mapped performance metrics to see where dealer ads are serving and performing best, as well as the ability to compare Amazon campaigns against other platforms to ensure advertising efficiency.

For more information about leveraging PureCars and Amazon Advertising, please visit purecars.com/tv. 

About PureCars

PureCars is dedicated to helping dealers and the automotive industry thrive with its advanced martech, fintech, advertising insights and portfolio management platform. Only PureCars has PURE™ Intelligence, giving dealers and automotive marketers a competitive edge with information that is PURE: Proven, Understandable, Relevant and Essential. PureCars’ industry-leading tech leverages data and insights to make smarter media buys that result in lower ad costs per unit sold and per repair order. Since its founding in 2007, PureCars has achieved great success by combining martech with digital merchandising and market analytics tools to provide dealers and partners with best-in-class solutions that increase efficiency and profitability. PureCars is a certified digital provider for 15 OEMs in the U.S. and 1 in Canada, compliant with 40+ brands and serves 65 of the top 100 dealer groups in North America.       

This press release was featured on Auto Dealer Today.



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