PureCars Selected As Certified Digital Marketing Provider by Audi of America

November 6, 2019

Atlanta, GA, November 6, 2019 —  PureCars is excited to announce its selection as a Certified Digital Marketing provider by Audi of America.

As an in-program agency, PureCars is able to leverage audiences created at Tier 1 and Tier 2 to execute hyper-targeted campaigns for Tier 3 dealers. These campaigns capture more demand at a lower cost, and drive 2x to 4x higher return on ad spend. Plus, the program enables dealers to evaluate and compare performance across all agencies, providing a deeper level of transparency on vendors.

“Being selected as a Certified provider is a testament to our alignment with Audi as a brand, and our ability to deliver high impact results for auto dealers,” said Sam Mylrea, CEO of PureCars. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve digital synergies at the national and local level, and our new relationship with Audi of America is yet another way we’re able to do that.” 

Digital is going to become more influential as technology evolves, which only increases the importance of efficient dealership advertising. Through this new engagement, PureCars will continue to help Audi dealers deliver relevant and dynamic advertising experiences. PureCars is also excited to add Audi of America to its roster of OEM partners to create even more opportunities to help dealerships gain market share and grow profitability. 

“The digital technology landscape continues to create new, unique challenges for the auto industry,” Mylrea said. “I am proud to say that our unique and proprietary approach utilizes audience, inventory, and market-specific data to execute highly efficient and effective campaigns across the digital ecosphere, driving more sales and repair orders for all our customers. In addition, we are now able to measure our true performance based on the number of units sold with our full online to offline attribution platform, rather than the vanity metrics that continue to flood our industry.” 

Learn more about PureCars’ collaboration with Audi of America.

About PureCars

Since 2008, PureCars has provided dealers with the tools and resources needed to thrive in a digital-first world. Its suite of solutions combine innovative technology with data-driven strategies to optimize digital campaigns, reduce wasted ad spend, and maximize car sales. More than 2,000 dealers partner with PureCars on their digital strategies between the U.S. and Canada.



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