April 1, 2024

PureCars Joins Genesis Digital Program as an Approved Certified Provider

PureCars, the industry leader in automotive marketing, is proud to announce its official partnership with Genesis in their Digital Program. This collaboration signifies a strategic alliance and provides Genesis dealers with cutting-edge marketing solutions to drive business growth and success.

Known for its innovative approach and data capabilities, PureCars is trusted by top dealers and OEMs across North America. With a comprehensive suite of tech-driven strategies and direct access to expert support, PureCars empowers dealers to attract, convert, and retain more customers effectively.

PureCars offers a range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Genesis dealers, including:

Digital Advertising:

  • Search 
  • Display 
  • Social 
  • Video

Customer Data Platform (The AutoMiner) 

PURE Insights Market Intelligence Reporting

In addition to PureCars’ extensive digital advertising program, Genesis dealers now have the option to bundle their digital advertising services with PureCars' Customer Data Platform, The AutoMiner. This combination offers:

  • Increased match rates for more precise ad targeting.
  • Capabilities to identify and categorize both website visitors and current customers for specialized campaigns.
  • Instant advertising activation utilizing the most accurate customer data available.

"Joining the Genesis program as a certified partner is a testament to PureCars' commitment to delivering best-in-class marketing solutions to our clients," said Aaron Sheeks, CEO at PureCars. "We are excited to team up with Genesis dealers, providing them with the tools and expertise needed to excel in today's competitive market."

For more information about PureCars and their suite of products, visit:

About PureCars:

PureCars helps thousands of dealers win their markets with solutions that drive more sales and ROs at lower costs. Our unique combination of customer data management, advanced advertising solutions, digital merchandising and market analytics provide dealers and partners with marketing technology that increases efficiency and profitability. We are a certified digital provider for 16 OEMs in the U.S. and 1 in Canada, maintain compliance with 40+ brands and serve 65 of the top 100 dealer groups in North America. 

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