PureCars Spotlight: Get to Know Neil Chopra

May 7, 2020
– PureCars Spotlight: Get to Know Neil Chopra

Staying at home has manifested some wonderful things that will continue even post-pandemic. Just because we are working remotely doesn’t mean we can’t keep culture as one of our pillars of business. This week we are launching our Employee Spotlight program. Every other week we will be highlighting one of our key players at PureCars and share some fun (and maybe a couple of embarrassing) facts about them.

– PureCars Spotlight: Get to Know Neil Chopra
Name: Neil Chopra

What’s your role at PureCars: Graphic Designer

How long have you been apart of the PureCars team? Three years in June

Aside from work, what are you doing to keep yourself occupied while stuck at home right now? I’ve been doing a little freelance work, playing some (re: a lot) of FIFA, and becoming a halfway-decent bartender!

How do you keep track of everything? Notebooks, Digitally, Post-It’s, Etc.? Field Notes!

List 5 things on your desk right now:

  1. Arsenal coffee mug
  2.  Tea stash (shoutout Tazo!)
  3. Ugmonk mouse pad
  4. Mechanical pencil
  5. Notebook

What’s the best ad (tv commercial, digital, etc.) that you’ve ever seen?

W+K and Nike’s ‘Write the Future’ commercial for the 2010 World Cup

In another life, what would you be doing for a living? Alternate Universe Neil would probably be a footwear designer for Nike

If you were a character from The Office or Friends who would you be? Oh Joey for sure! 

– PureCars Spotlight: Get to Know Neil Chopra



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