April 24, 2024

Navigating the Future: Digital Marketing Streamlined with AutoMiner’s Campaign Automation

Introducing AutoMiners's Campaign Automation

In the world of automotive marketing, innovation is crucial for dealerships to maintain their competitive edge. With AutoMiner's Campaign Automation, PureCars equips dealerships with the essential tools needed to succeed in the digital age and beyond.

What is Campaign Automation? 

At its core, Campaign Automation takes clean and appended data, segments it into marketing lists and then places it into highly efficient automated workflows. These workflows, simply put, are sequences of repeatable tasks meticulously designed to streamline processes and achieve specific goals. They guide the journey from start to finish, ensuring efficiency every step of the way.

Taking Innovation To The Next Level

PureCars has integrated not just email, but also video and SMS into their workflows. This multi-channel approach enables dealerships to connect with their customers through their preferred communication channels, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Templated Communications

One of the standout features of AutoMiner's Campaign Automation is its pre-templated scenarios and tested communications, eliminating the need for extensive manual configuration. Whether utilizing AutoMiner's built-in data filters or provided OEM Manifestists or purchased conquest data, setting up workflows is as simple as flipping a switch and letting the system take charge.

Contextual Marketing 

Personalization is key in modern marketing strategies, and the AutoMiner excels in this aspect. Through contextual marketing tactics such as filling in customer names, makes, or models, the messaging remains highly personalized and targeted, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and retention.

Dynamic Lists 

Moreover, with the inclusion of dynamic lists, the Campaign Automation ensures that customers meeting the criteria of a workflow seamlessly enter the system. This hands-off approach not only saves valuable time but also ensures consistent engagement with the customer base.

Actionable Insights

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of AutoMiner's Campaign Automation is its real-time feedback loop. Every 24 hours, the system exports a list of customers who have interacted with the workflow, whether by opening an email, watching a video, or reading a text message. This invaluable "warm lead list" provides dealerships with actionable insights into customer engagement, empowering them to promptly follow up with individual personalized touches from their Sales, Service, or BDC Departments.


AutoMiner's Campaign Automation represents a significant leap forward in digital marketing. By simplifying processes, expanding communication channels, and providing real-time feedback, PureCars enables dealerships to cultivate deeper connections with their customers and drive growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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