May 23, 2024

PURE Talks: Tom Azbill Discusses Personalized Strategies for Car Dealerships on the Car Guy Coffee Podcast

In a recent interview on PURE Talks, Tom Azbill from PureCars discussed with Fred and Lou of the Car Guy Coffee Podcast about the company's approach to helping car dealerships connect with customers in a personalized way, despite the impending end of cookies. Azbill emphasized that dealerships have abundant data, but the key is to use this data to connect with humans, not just to manage information. 

Azbill shared his experience from the pre-internet era of car sales, highlighting how the essence of customer data management has evolved. Now, PureCars cleans and utilizes dealership data to create personalized outreach strategies. This data-driven approach allows for the creation of targeted audiences that can be reached across multiple platforms like Meta and Google, enhancing marketing efforts while maintaining a personal touch.

PureCars adopts a tailored approach for each dealership, recognizing that each store faces unique challenges. Instead of applying a blanket strategy, they analyze and address specific issues on a one-on-one basis.

Azbill also spoke about the integration of PureCars with the AutoMiner over the past year. The acquisition has allowed them to identify expansion opportunities and advance their product offerings. Additionally, the integration has been as much about merging teams and cultures as it has been about merging products.

He concluded by noting that current conversations with dealers are increasingly educational, thoughtful, and optimistic about the future of the automotive industry. Azbill praised dealers as some of the best entrepreneurs in the world, always seeking innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Want to watch the full interview? Click the video link here!

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