January 17, 2024

PureCars’ AutoMiner Boosts Performance of Meta’s Advantage+ Audiences

ATLANTA – (January 17, 2024) – PureCars, the leading customer data and marketing platform for automotive dealers, announced today the results of an advertising study in collaboration with Meta. The study examined dealership advertising performance when utilizing customer data from the AutoMiner customer data platform, and Meta’s Advantage+ Audiences.  

The study, conducted in November 2023, tested two unique campaign types, the first being Vehicle Acquisition ads. This study paired AutoMiner custom audiences with Meta’s Advantage+ Audience machine learning to determine if it would be more effective than a custom audience list alone.  

The Result: Meta’s machine learning attempts to prioritize the custom audience list first, but also uses it to extend the audience to others that may take the desired action. This resulted in: 

  • -83% Reduction in cost per lead
  • 5x More leads
  • 20x More reach

The second study focused on ads promoting New Car Sales, which directed automotive inventory ads (AIA) to the dealer website and On-Facebook lead gen formats, using an equity list and Advantage+ Audiences, to see which strategy performed better. 

The Result: Where budget permitted, the ads more than doubled the performance running these strategies concurrently. Meta’s machine learning prioritized the equity list, and expanded the target to find similar users at a more efficient rate. This resulted in: 

  • 7x More VDP views
  • 4x More leads
  • 6x More reach

"We’re thrilled with the impressive results of our study with Meta,” said Aaron Sheeks, CEO of PureCars. “The combination of The AutoMiner’s clean customer data, paired with Advantage+ Audiences, has produced exactly the type of results our customers are searching for when leveraging first-party data in advertising.  This study is just one example of how dealers can instantly improve their advertising performance simply by using our clean, customer data.” 

PureCars will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2024 NADA Show, February 1-4 in Las Vegas, where they will be available to further discuss the results of the study and provide live demos of the AutoMiner. Meta representatives will also be onhand Friday, February 2 from 2 pm to 4 pm to meet with dealers. For more information, or to schedule an appointment for the show, visit:


About PureCars    

PureCars helps thousands of dealers win their markets with solutions that drive more sales and ROs at lower costs. Our unique combination of customer data management, omni-channel advertising solutions and market analytics provide dealers and partners with marketing technology that increases efficiency and profitability. We are a certified digital provider for 16 OEMs in the U.S. and 1 in Canada, maintain compliance with 40+ brands and serve 65 of the top 100 dealer groups in North America. Visit to learn more.

View the press release on PR Newswire.

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