NADA Show 2022 With Kate Colacelli, PureCars CMO

March 29, 2022
NADA Show 2022 With Kate Colacelli, PureCars CMO

Kate Colacelli and Justin Dabiri recently hung out with the ASOTU crew at NADA in PureCars’ top-shelf booth. Since taking on the CMO role in September, Kate has driven advances for the business. PureCars recently entered into partnerships with Disney, Amazon, and Spotify and earned 2022 Google Premiere status. Both Kate and Justin spoke of PureCars’ focus on doing what they do well instead of trying to do a little bit of every aspect of the business.

When asked why these new partnerships equip PureCars to better support dealerships, Justin he had an easy answer…these networks are the fastest growing with marketing tools that know the customers and provide marketing teams with tools to speak to them. So the dealership wins, the customer wins and PureCars wins. It’s a classic win-win-win situation.



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