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Get More. Every Day.

PureCars is dedicated to delivering more for Audi Dealers.
More clicks, leads, calls, visits, service appointments and ROs. As a certified provider for the Audi Program, PureCars offers Audi Dealers best-in-class digital advertising and business intelligence solutions with our Meridian platform -- including Paid Search, Social, Display, Retargeting and Video advertising, as well as full funnel attribution, market insights and forecasting -- all in one subscription.

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Audi Dealers: Lead with Data; It Will Never Steer You Wrong

At PureCars, we have one focus: identifying shoppers who are ready to buy or service and delivering them to you to continue—and complete—the process. PureCars gives you confidence that your marketing dollars are hard at work delivering more, ready shoppers and customers, every day. With PureCars, you get a partner relentlessly invested in your profitability, while providing proof and transparency along the way.

PureCars Automotive Digital Advertising.
PureCars Meridian Digital Advertising Platform - Audi Digital Advertising Program.


PureCars has an all-in-one monthly subscription that includes all major digital media channels, as well as a powerful business intelligence layer with inventory & market insights, VIN-level attribution and Forecasting. Pricing is transparent and aligned to the outcomes that matter most -- more vehicle sales and repair orders.


  • Search (Google & Bing)
  • Social (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Video (YouTube, Facebook & PC Video Network)
  • Display & Retargeting (PC Display Network)


  • Full Funnel Attribution (PC & 3rd Party Vendors)
  • Inventory & Market Insights (Make, Model, Market, Merchandising & More)
  • Forecasting (Accurately predict when vehicles will sell)


Make smarter, data-driven ad buys and expand your reach. The PureCars Platform allows dealers to unlock the spending power of their marketing dollars with a fluid, data-driven approach to media budget management. Instead of being locked into each digital channel with a ‘best guess’ fixed budget, PureCars uses data to move your dollars where they’ll be most effective to capture increased demand.

Feature your real-time New, Used and CPO inventory in compelling and compliant ads, optimized continuously for performance. Our budget tool ensures your accounts are hitting targeted spend while pacing evenly throughout the month. The PureCars Platform manages offers and incentives at scale and across channels for a truly integrated campaign experience.

PureCars Integrated Digital Advertising - Audi Digital Advertising Program.
PureCars Business Intelligence - Audi Digital Advertising Program.


Not just another digital ad platform, The PureCars platform includes a powerful business intelligence layer that provides a 360 degree view of your inventory, the market and shopper engagement. PureCars tracks every digital touchpoint through the sale, so you know exactly what’s working to help you sell more cars (and what isn’t) -- and shows you the dollar-for-dollar return on your investment.

  • Inventory & Market Insights - For a healthier inventory and precision strategy.
  • Full Funnel Attribution - For proof into what’s working and what’s not (PureCars, Channels & 3rd Party Vendors).
  • Forecasting - For a smarter campaigns strategy, week after week, month after month.


Capture and convert even more shoppers with platform enhancements, each of which complement and amplify your traditional digital advertising strategy.

  • Dynamic Offers On Your Website - Engage and convert more low funnel shoppers with Activate. Create custom micro audiences to target with incentives relevant to their shopping behavior or universal offers to engage all site visitors. The result? 35% average sales close rate for one low, monthly flat fee and no additional media spend.
  • Optimized Google My Business Listings & Local SEO - Maximize the number of times your dealership, inventory, and services are served to shoppers. Dramatically increase website visits, leads, click-to-calls and driving directions.
  • Digital Fixed Ops - Be the clear choice for parts and service with dynamic, data-driven, integrated digital advertising dedicated to your biggest profit center. Conquest the independents with digital while they’re focused on less effective direct mail and inserts.
PureCars Platform Enhancements - Audi Digital Advertising Program.
PureCars Client Experience - Audi Digital Advertising Program.


We measure what matters most, then analyze, optimize, repeat. Always data driven and always invested in your profitability.

  • Dedicated Strategist - An automotive digital expert who gets to know your business like an invested member of your own team.
  • Performance Managers - Network-certified Search & Display analysts continuously monitor and fine tune your campaigns for optimal performance.
  • Additional Support - Video production, expert designers and Co-op & compliance teams ensure your ads are always engaging and compliant.


With PureCars, you get a network of trusted partners invested in your success, including Audi, Google, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Oracle and more.

  • Audi Program Certified Provider
  • Google Premier Partner
  • MS Ads Select Channel Partner
  • Facebook Certified Partner
  • Oracle Data Cloud Elite Auto Data Marketer
  • First-Ever Waze Preferred Partner
  • Certified Provider for 15 OEM Programs
PureCars Partners - Audi Digital Advertising Program.

*AUDI CO-OP FUNDS | Digital Media Spend (New, CPO and Fixed Ops) is eligible for 100% Audi Co-op reimbursement. Management Fees are not eligible for Co-op. SEAT is not eligible for Co-op.

Program Benefits

  • Audi Co-Op Reimbursement for eligible products, services and fees
  • Alignment with Audi Tier1, Tier2, Tier 3 search strategies for optimal performance
  • High performance Digital Ad Packages and Business Intelligence Solutions approved by Audi
  • Integration with Audi Incentives and marketing initiatives
  • Direct billing through Audi with assistance from our Co-op and Compliance specialists

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