Success Stories
June 6, 2024

Beyond Boundaries: Strategic Advertising Fuels Growth for West Coast Genesis Dealer

The Situation: 

In the bustling suburbs of a major West Coast city, a prominent Genesis dealership found itself facing a challenge: attracting the right demographic of luxury car buyers, particularly those interested in electric vehicles (EVs). Despite its prime location and a well-populated surrounding area, the dealership struggled to connect with potential shoppers. Recognizing the need to break through local market barriers and tap into new customer bases, the dealership embarked on a journey to redefine its marketing approach.

The Solution: 

To overcome these challenges, the dealership and PureCars collaborated on a multifaceted digital marketing strategy. Here are some key components:

  • Competitor Targeting: PureCars deployed targeted advertising campaigns aimed at consumers considering competing luxury brands. By leveraging market data, they identified potential customers who could be swayed to choose Genesis vehicles over other luxury options.
  • Luxury Car Buyer Behaviors: The campaigns were tailored to align with the preferences and behaviors of luxury car buyers. Utilizing sophisticated data analytics, the team gained insights into the specific interests, online behaviors, and purchasing patterns of high-end car shoppers.
  • EV Market Appeal: Recognizing the rising interest in electric vehicles, the strategy included targeting areas in neighboring cities equipped with EV charging stations. This approach aimed to address potential concerns about charging infrastructure, making Genesis's EV offerings more appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

The Result: 

The strategic marketing efforts produced strong results for the Genesis dealership:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): A 20% increase in CTR on social paid advertising compared to the previous period.
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): A 40% decrease in CPC on search advertising, optimizing budget allocation and maximizing ROI.
  • Sales Performance: A 22% increase in units sold, accompanied by a commendable 25% rise in gross sales revenue.


By partnering with PureCars and embracing innovative digital marketing tactics, the dealership successfully expanded its reach, attracted new customers, and bolstered sales performance. This case exemplifies the power of strategic marketing in driving growth and finding new opportunities in automotive advertising. As consumer preferences continue to evolve, dealerships must remain agile and proactive in their marketing efforts to stay ahead of the curve in a dynamic market landscape.

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