February 15, 2024

Wrapping up NADA 2024: Tackling Today's Challenges and Embracing Tomorrow's Solutions

As we close out another successful NADA, we wanted to share a few of the highlights from PureCars, including some of the solutions we shared with dealers which help to solve today’s most pressing problems.

Through discussions with our OEM partners, dealer group clients and potential new dealer partners, we heard several common challenges dealers are currently facing: 

  • New vehicle inventory is on the rise, and floor plan costs are high. 
  • Brand loyalty has changed, so dealerships are challenged with finding ways to retain customers.
  • There is obvious confusion and lack of awareness surrounding third party cookies and first party data, and the impact dealers will experience related to it later this year. 

In order to keep floor plan costs down, dealers must turn inventory at a fast(er) pace. Here are just a few of the ways that PureCars can help dealers move more inventory: 

  • Identify anonymous website traffic and advertise to them
  • Equity mining email campaigns
  • Conquest advertising (email and direct mail)
  • Direct mail 
  • Email marketing
  • Paid search 
  • Social
  • OTT
  • Video advertising 

Leveraging the clean customer data within the AutoMiner, we can also help dealers focus on retention marketing by providing a variety of services, such as: 

  • Service retention campaigns
  • Recall emails 
  • Direct mail 
  • Email marketing (lost service customers, declined services)
  • Fixed ops digital advertising

In order to adapt to the inevitable changes in advertising this year, PureCars can help dealers take control of their marketing by: 

  • Cleansing and enriching customer data
  • Providing exclusive market share insights
  • Coordinating ad spend across all channels to be most efficient
  • Enable recurring marketing campaigns for sales and service
  • Enabling secure data sharing with other ad partners

Check out the NADA interview with our CEO, Aaron Sheeks, as he discusses the challenges dealers are facing, and some of the exciting innovations which will help dealers overcome the issues of today and work towards a highly profitable tomorrow. 

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