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Display Advertising

Improve your display strategy with inventory targeting and market insights to bring prospects and in-market shoppers to your site and, even better, to your showroom.

Re-engage previous website visitors with dynamic retargeting, showcasing vehicles they viewed on your site and driving them back to your SRP or VDP pages.

Entice prospective customers through behavioral and contextual targeting strategies to amplify your multi-channel ad campaigns.


Fight like an 800lb E-Commerce Giant

Does any of this sound familiar?

"I need to..."

“Sell more of my new/used inventory”

“Increase search traffic volume”

“Run ads similar to my TV campaigns”

“Conquest my competition and/or a customer segment”

“Sell specific models with OEM incentives”

“Push inventory during specific periods or promotions”

Reach shoppers where they are. The right ad every time.

Capture more online shoppers with intelligent, dynamic, targeted and compliant display advertising.

  • Look & Feel

    Dynamic HTML5 ads with animations, lifestyle imagery, and a carousel format which showcases multiple pieces of new inventory.
  • Dynamic Incentives

    Dealers latest incentives will appear in dynamic ads as soon as they are entered into PureCars’ SmartAdvertising ad platform.
  • Smart Ad Serving

    Based on the vehicles viewed via the dealers site, those vehicles and similar styles will be served across websites the shopper browses.
  • OEM Pre-approved

    We have a dedicated Compliance team focused on following OEM guidelines and ensuring you receive a full co-op reimbursement.
  • Price Drop Alerts

    Re-engage website visitors with ads for the exact used vehicle they were looking at, alerting them of price changes!

How We Reach Your Shoppers Across All Their Devices

Contextual and audience targeting are important for discovering new audiences and driving new, qualified traffic to your site. Together, they work with retargeting efforts to fill the top end of your pipeline while retargeting re-engages low funnel buyers, across all their devices.



  • Target in-market audiences by make & location
  • Leverage third party data sources like BlueKai, Polk, Datalogix, Exelate, etc.


  • Target automotive site categories and a proprietary automotive site list via The PureCars Display Network
  • Custom keyword list built specifically to each OEM


  • New vehicle dynamic & site retargeting to shoppers who have visited your site and/or a VDP page
  • Used vehicle price drop alerts, inventory-specific ads

"Our Nissan store has been on SmartAdvertising Display the longest. We've worked with other vendors in the past that provided stale creative, but PureCars does a great job of keeping things fresh, making our ads pop, while always remaining consistent with OEM guidelines."

Whitney Cadwell

Group Marketing Director, Jack Ingram Motors


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