Case Study: Google Performance Max Campaigns Hold up to the Hype for PureCars Dealers


Overview Google has released a new way of running campaigns within Google Ads called Performance Max. Performance Max campaigns include all Google ad types (search, discovery, video, display, local) in one shared campaign, and budget with a singular focus on ad types driving the most desired results. As a Google Premier Partner, PureCars was able […]

How PureCars Helped Cherry Hill Imports Grow Revenue Over 70% During the Pandemic


Download the Case Study [PDF] Cherry Hill Imports was looking for better performance overall and leadership thought they could get more out of his marketing program. They set a high bar: Continue to reach existing and potential customers But do it much more precisely. That meant find a way to cut the waste; only spend […]

The OC Auto Group Stays The Course With Data-Driven Marketing Strategies


Since partnering with PureCars in 2018, the OC Auto Group has doubled down on digital marketing campaign efforts and has seen an increase in growth and profitability. By prioritizing a data-driven approach to advertising, the group has revitalized marketing efforts and leveled the playing field with competitors. Download the Case Study [PDF] The Situation Key […]

How Pro Dealer Helped Dimmitt Auto Achieve Record Results


Since starting at the Group two years ago, Andrew Riffee has strived to streamline Dimmitt Auto Group’s digital marketing tactics across all five campuses. Download the Case Study [PDF] About Dimmitt Auto Group Dimmitt Auto Group is a family-owned and operated automotive Group in the Tampa Bay area. Founded in 1924, the Group has nine […]

Don’t Put All Your Digital Advertising Eggs In One Basket


DEALER STORIES | REAL DEALERS, REAL SOLUTIONS, REAL RESULTSFeaturing: A Toyota Dealer in TN One successful dealer’s approach to navigating the 2020 storm — from staying the course in March through breaking all-time records in July — with data and goal driven strategies that exceeded expectations. THE SITUATION In March of 2020, when COVID started […]

A Data-Driven Partnership Drives Steady, YoY Growth for Patriot Subaru

A Data-Driven Partnership Drives Steady, YoY Growth for Patriot Subaru.

Since partnering with PureCars in 2018, Patriot Subaru has steadily increased volume, year over year, through hard work and an agile,  data-driven approach to their digital advertising strategy. Download the Case Study [PDF] ABOUT PATRIOT SUBARU Patriot Subaru opened in 2003 and has been proudly serving Saco, the greater Portland and Southern Maine area with […]

Agency Q&A: How PureCars Partners with Knowtion for Success

Agency Q&A: How PureCars Partners with Knowtion for Success.

A Data-First Partnership and Dedication to Dealer Success Are Bringing Big Growth to Dealers PureCars has had the pleasure of partnering with Sanjay Parker and his team at Knowtion since September 2019. Together, PureCars and Knowtion work together to help dealers thrive with high-performing digital advertising. PureCars spoke with Sanjay recently to learn more about […]

PureCars Q&A: How HPR Marketing Group Partners for Success


PureCars has had the pleasure of partnering with Wally Hamlin and his team at HPR Marketing Group for the past year. Working together, we help the auto industry thrive by driving successful outcomes for dealers around the country. I sat down with Wally recently to learn more about how partnering with PureCars has helped his […]

Data-Driven Digital Strategy Fills Service Bays for Rusnak Auto Group

PureCars Case Study: Rusnak Auto Group.

Download the Case Study [PDF] Rusnak Auto Group partnered with PureCars to drive more customers to their service bays using data-driven digital campaigns across search, social, display and more. The results speak for themselves, with the campaigns successfully driving over 2,000 ROs in 5 weeks. THE SITUATION Marketing Director, Quincy Armstrong, has been with Rusnak […]