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Drive more customers to your website and showroom with high performance digital advertising technology, industry expertise and in-market support. Our award-winning solutions are FCA Digital Certified and eligible for AUTO PAP Funds reimbursement.*

PureCars is an FCA Digital Certified Program Provider.

PureCars is a Certified Provider for FCA Digital Certified Digital Advertising

Get more clicks, leads, calls and visits with Automotive Digital Advertising from PureCars--and get even more form your budget with AUTO PAP Funds reimbursement.*


Target and Engage More Shoppers with SmartAdvertising -- Technology Built for Automotive

PureCars - SmartAdvertising

Our multi-channel digital advertising solutions help FCA dealers reach the right shoppers at the right time with the right offer. Our automotive specific platform connects the dots between market, inventory and shopper data to engage and win more customers, driving high potential shoppers to your dealership’s showroom, service and parts departments.

  • Maximize Your ROI
    Maximize your ROI on our fully unified, multi-channel platform across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Video and more
  • Grow Your Market Share
    Grow your market share by reaching the right in-market audiences with advanced ad technology purpose-built for automotive
  • Always FCA Compliant
    Always FCA compliant search, display, retargeting, social and video campaigns for new and pre-owned inventory

Grow Market Share with Intelligent, Multi-Channel Digital Advertising

Capture shoppers at the peak of intent with comprehensive, FCA-compliant digital advertising solutions. Our fully integrated platform enables us to deliver consistent messaging across digital channels and high value ad networks.

PureCars FCA Digital Certified Paid Search Advertising.

Paid Search

On Google & Bing

Diversify spend across networks to reach shoppers unique to each. Enhance your ads with call, location extensions, offers and more.

PureCars FCA Digital Certified Display.

Programmatic Display

On the PureCars Display Exchange

Bring them to your showroom with your best offers--Brand, incentive and VIN level ads. Reach shoppers wherever they are, with the right ad, every time.

PureCars FCA Digital Certified Retargeting.

Dynamic Retargeting

On the PureCars Display Exchange

Bring them back with dynamic, FCA compliant, VIN level ads for vehicles they’ve already viewed on your site.

PureCars FCA Digital Certified Social Advertising.


On Facebook & Instagram

Reach and re-engage low funnel shoppers, more than 2x as accurately, with more data and exclusive audiences. Move your inventory faster.

PureCars FCA Digital Certified Video Advertising.


On the PureCars Video Exchange

Prospect and retarget with FCA compliant video ads. Build brand awareness and promote FCA incentives with video ads designed to engage.

PureCars FCA Digital Program Fixed-Ops Advertising.


Cross-Channel + Waze

Increase RO volume with aggressive offers and advertising solutions most effective for your parts and service campaigns, including Waze.


We’ve Got You Covered With “All About You” Dealer Support

While most providers invest heavily in their sales team, we’ve taken a different approach--one that puts YOU at the center of an experienced team of digital and automotive experts.

  • Strategic Sales Executives expertly architect your unique battle plan
  • Digital Media Strategists come to you (in market) at least once per month to make sure your KPIs are on track
  • Performance Managers continuously monitor and fine tune your campaigns to maximize ROI

Feel Confident With an Experienced, Trusted & Award-Winning Partner

We’ve been certified not only by FCA, but also by Google, Bing and other top automotive Brands.

  • FCA Digital Certified Provider for automotive specific digital advertising solutions
  • Google Premier Partner means we have access to the latest training, network updates, betas and promotions
  • Bing Elite SMB Partnerkeeps us one step ahead on Bing for budget optimization and incentives
  • Waze Preferred Partner ensures top tier access to the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app
PureCars FCA Digital Program Partnerships.

*FCA AUTO PAP Funds Reimbursement Eligibility: PureCars SmartAdvertising (all channels) for New and CPO Inventory is eligible for 100% reimbursement. SmartAdvertising for Fixed-Ops is eligible for 10% reimbursement.

Program Benefits

  • Eligible for AUTO PAP funds reimbursement* on SmartAdvertising (search, display/retargeting, social, video)
  • Automatic Co-op Billing through your parts statement
  • Below Rate Card Management Fees for high performance digital ad packages, services and support
  • Micro Moments Alignment for better optimizations of search campaigns
  • Integration with FCA incentives and marketing initiatives
  • Availability to participate in heavy ups and special FCA promotions
  • Integrated dealer reporting through FCA
  • FCA digital advertising field support supplemented with PureCars support

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