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The ROI of Partnering with PureCars

July 13, 2018

Located in a suburb of Cleveland, Kia of Bedford is the largest Kia Dealer in Ohio, and now among the 10 largest in the nation. With new leadership and a close partnership with PureCars, the dealership is having a record year in 2018. After taking over as Director of Operations...

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Video Advertising for Automotive

3 Ways Dealers Can Use Video for Customer Engagement

June 29, 2018

Video advertising is proving to be a powerful sales tool for dealerships. As shoppers take more of their buying journey online and out of the showroom, dealers need to do the same to win their business. Today, automotive brands are spending more and more on digital ad campaigns that don’t...

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Marketing Campaign Ideas to Heat Up Summer Auto Sales

June 15, 2018

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, which also means that all the big summer campaigns are underway. In addition to celebrating this historic event, what else can your dealership do this summer to drive more traffic to your showroom and service center? We’ve put together some integrated...

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Attribution Challenges for Dealers

Top 5 Mistakes Dealers Make with Attribution

June 8, 2018

Attribution is a fickle mistress for dealers. Recent studies show that only 30% of dealers are happy with their attribution. This isn’t exactly surprising, but it does leave a lot of room for improvement. Jumping between platforms and reports, there are too many dots to connect without clear direction on...

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Missing the Mark: Monitoring Performance Over Vanity

May 24, 2018

Google Analytics is as powerful as it is misunderstood. Knowing what to use to evaluate success can be difficult if you’re relying on the vanity metrics Google Analytics provides. Is bounce rate as important as goal completions? Does Time On Site matter more or less than visitor retention stats? In...

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5 Ways to Optimize Website Experience for Customers

May 18, 2018

According to Google, the average car shopper visits 10 automotive websites: four OEMs, three third-party websites and three dealership websites. To be there for these key interactions, you have to make sure that your website and any third-party listings capture shoppers’ attention and keep them engaged. To do this, there are...

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Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas for Dealers

Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas for Dealerships

April 30, 2018

To be effective, dealership marketing efforts have to stand out. The best way to do this is by constantly developing and testing new campaigns with innovative ad experiences. To be clear, innovative doesn’t have to involve heavy investments in virtual reality or other expensive and experimental methods. It can simply...

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The Biggest Mistakes Dealers Make with Digital Marketing

April 20, 2018

Now that digital advertising accounts for over half of auto dealers’ ad spending, it’s important to make sure that every dollar counts. As the Manager of Agency Accounts, Tori Hampton has seen it all when it comes to dealership marketing strategies. She took some time out from her busy schedule...

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car buying statistics

5 Compelling Stats About the Car Buyer’s Journey

April 13, 2018

The car buying journey is constantly evolving. Rapidly changing technologies, increasing competition and shrinking profit margins are making it harder for dealers to stay ahead in hyper-competitive markets. To gain the upper hand and consistently win more business, your dealership has to put the customer at the center of everything...

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PureCars Named Volkswagen Dealer Certified Digital Partner

April 9, 2018

Volkswagen dealers now have access to PureCars’ digital campaign solutions. PureCars, the premier digital technology platform for the automotive industry, today announced it has been named a Certified Digital Advertising partner in the Volkswagen Dealer Digital Program. Volkswagen dealers across the U.S. can now take full advantage of PureCars’ industry...

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